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Originally Posted by jpr View Post
The way I see it, if nothing else I figure the burden of proof is upon the claim that a particular (or any) rotor is cast with perforations in the disc face. So far all the available evidence shows that they are drilled. While you can't truly prove a negative, the scientific method says that the best theory is that all perforated rotors are drilled until somebody can provide a documented example of one that isn't.
To add to this discussion, which is spilling over from other threads, it is possible to cast-perforate rotors. It's not a myth, but it is the latest internet "bandwagon" to say it can't be done. Yes, many brands are simply machine-drilled, but that's not the point.

We can do cast-perforating with our foundry, but choose not to for practicality and cost reasons. It would end up that we would have to charge the same as BMW Motorsport perforated/floating rotors, about $450/pair, and that's infeasible for non-M service replacement parts.

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