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Originally Posted by Rob Levinson * UUC Motorwerks View Post
To add to this discussion, which is spilling over from other threads, it is possible to cast-perforate rotors. It's not a myth, but it is the latest internet "bandwagon" to say it can't be done. Yes, many brands are simply machine-drilled, but that's not the point.

We can do cast-perforating with our foundry, but choose not to for practicality and cost reasons. It would end up that we would have to charge the same as BMW Motorsport perforated/floating rotors, about $450/pair, and that's infeasible for non-M service replacement parts.

- Rob
So to summarize, your assertion is that it can be done, but nobody does it?

The only reason the distinction matters is due to the internet "bandwagon" that says drilled rotors are bad, but this particular rotor is okay because the holes are cast not drilled, so you should buy it. But if in fact nobody makes a cast rotor and they are all drilled, then that is not a valid basis on which to select a rotor.

As for the assertion that are all perforated rotors are drilled, not cast, if it is a myth as you say, it should be take very little effort to debunk it. All somebody needs to do is provide a picture of a rough casting with holes or a picture of a mold or a patent or some other sort of evidence. If somebody is actually making a cast perforated rotor and it offers a genuine technical advantage, you would expect them to market it as such. At a bare minimum, you would expect them to admit its existence - if they are making cast perforated rotors why in the world would they describe them as drilled?

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