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Originally Posted by jpr View Post
You must be thinking of a different jpr - I don't believe I ever spoken with you on the phone nor discussed this subject in any other thread with you.
Sorry, meant private e-mail.

As for why I keep bringing it up, just chalk me up as the curious sort.
Yes, but don't let your curiosity overwhelm simple logic. It's an easy step from "curiosity" to "agenda".

If it's done, it should be able to be proved.
Nope. See what I said above about proprietary info / intellectual property / manufacturing secrets.

I've established to myself that it can be done. The methods required, however, are not something that our fabrication facility will allow to be publicly discussed.

Let me give you another parallel for intellectual property... "I've heard that BMW uses very sophisticated programming in their DME. Why won't they let me see the code?"

Or just comp me one of your BBK's (with drilled rotors of course) and I'll shut up.

- Rob
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