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Originally Posted by Rob Levinson * UUC Motorwerks View Post
Let me give you another parallel for intellectual property... "I've heard that BMW uses very sophisticated programming in their DME. Why won't they let me see the code?"
But here's the important difference - BMW admits that (1) they have a DME (2) they program it, and (3) that is controls certain things. The intellectual property is in the details of the programming, not its existence. Same thing for a cast perforated rotor. If it existed, you expect to see a claim like "By using our secret proprietary process to cast the holes in to the rotor, our rotors are technically superior for these reasons..." It doesn't tell you how they do it, merely that it is done and it offers enough technical advantages to justify whatever additional expense is incurred.
Originally Posted by Rob Levinson * UUC Motorwerks View Post
Yes, but don't let your curiosity overwhelm simple logic. It's an easy step from "curiosity" to "agenda".
But my curiousity is rooted in simple logic. Various pundits talk about rotors being made with cast in holes, yet there is no evidence to be found of any manufacturer actually doing so. Nor is there any reference in any technical literature on casting or automotive braking. There's not even any claim by any manufacturer of doing so. Considering how little it would take to substaniate the claim of cast in holes, it is significant that it apparently can't be done. In the end, it's really the simplest of logic that says there is no such thing as a cast-perforated rotor - Occam's Razor.

Agenda? It was to get a free BBK, but I guess that's off the table
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