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Originally Posted by Rob Levinson * UUC Motorwerks View Post
Have you seen the casting apparatus for a BMW composite manifold? No, and you're not likely to.

Here's a better parallel for you: years ago, there was a technical piece published about the special materials and methods used to make it. It is no longer available, yet clearly it is done.
It's clearly done and it's existence is often cited even if the details of the method are not disclosed. For example -
Lots of engine pictures here -
Paper on intake manifold casting here -
"Magnesium/aluminum composite construction" in the N52 cited here -
Long article on the N52 here -'s-new-six-cylinder-engines-in-depth
SME paper "Composite Manifold for BMW V8 Engine Wins Award" here

Bottom line - if it exists, it can be found (and quickly too, I might add)
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