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Originally Posted by jpr View Post
I guess that's a roundabout way of agreeing that rotors with cast in holes don't exist as a real option even if we continue to hold different opinions on their existence as a theoretical option.

Glad you finally came around.
Damn, you got me to comment. Twisting my words will get a response.

The rotors that we've been discussing are the OEM floating rotors made for the German car manufacturers. Obviously, I don't make those.

The plain and slotted rotors that I am referring to that we do currently make are 1-piece. We do not make them cast-perforated, but could. The cost for me to make them would exceed the OEM perforated offerings, therefore it does not make sense for me to make them.

Can we please have a moratorium on misinterpreting or twisting my comments, hmmm?

- Rob
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