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Originally Posted by BrianJ1888 View Post
Couple of interesting things to note about that -
Both links are to distributors, not manufacturers. It is unclear who actually makes the rotors. It's a reasonably safe bet that the Porsche rotors in the second link were originally made by SHW. And as noted earlier, SHW drills their rotors. FWIW, you will frequently see Porsche crop up as having rotors with cast in holes, but the more you look in to it, the less you will find. My guess for how the rumor started is that Porsche does in fact make some rotors with holes without a subsequent drilling process. These however, are their high end carbon/ceramic/I-really-don't-know-what rotors. However, they aren't exactly cast in the same way you would think of casting in terms of normal rotors. Anyway, my supposition is that what started out as true for some specific exotic rotors, came to be misinterpreted as applicable to all Porsche rotors.

I applaud your efforts and encourage you to continue. But I'll give you the hint to start looking a little deeper at who is actually making the rotors and what they claim, as opposed to what is claimed by people merely selling them.
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