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I had an Acura Integra once upon a time long ago. My first new car. Had a b/f at the time who was really keen on the car bec he had a Ford Tempo. So I had to go away on a business trip. He begged and pleaded with me to leave the keys with him so he could drive the car while I was gone. I relented. So I recall the day I left...we took the Acura to the airport and with me driving, I recall thinking to myself "wow this car is really smooth". So I get back and he picks me up in the Tempo. I thought that was odd. So the next day I drive to work and the car is vibrating like crazy. So I ask him what happened. He said nothing happened and the car was like that when I gave it to him...there was no arguing with him. So I take the car to the dealer. They tell me there is a bent front wheel. I call up the b/f and tell him that there is a bent wheel. He says, ohh maybe that happened when I hit a pot hole...the pot hole was in the parking lot of his brother's apt building. He had seen the pot hole at the last minute (how that is possible bec the hole is not new, I had commented on it many times and it is big and very visible), slammed on the brakes and hit the hole with the brakes locked. How stupid was he to think I wouldn't notice. I go him to pay for a new wheel, tire and alignment and I promptly sent him packing. Since one drives my car but me...but then this guy I know let me drive his Porsche 930 (911 Turbo with the huge whale tail) so I let him drive my Bimmer, but with me in it. Since then, if you want to drive my car, you have to have something comparable that I would want to test drive and the test drive of my car would require me to be in the passenger seat.
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