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Originally posted by color_wolf
can someone tell me how exactly does shaving the door handles work ?? How does the door open ??
Well, to make it short. It's basically from what i understand is two mechanism. One mechanism puts on the cable/rod that opens the door like if you were to use the handle. And another mechanism pushes the door open a bit so you can pull your door open. All via control of a remote control. But, if your remote were to die or ran out of juice, then you're sh!t out of luck. Better hope you have an extra remote. And another thing is that, I believe that shaving the door handle in California is against the law. Not like having no front plate, but it is considered unfair for the driver and its passengers. Since if you were to get involved in an accident, no one will be able to help you if they can't open the door from the outside right? And I was told that it's a hefty fine for a fix it ticket. No quickie way to fix it except to replace the door. But this shaving the door handle has been done many times before especially among the "ricers" so to speak. But hey, do what you want cuz it's your car and you have to drive with it at the end.

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