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Pasta with Shrimp in a Spicy Garlic Butter White Wine Sauce
Cook up some of your favorite pasta ( i like to use linguine mostly or penne)
1/2 Pound of Shrimp (16-20 or 21-25 count i feel work best)
1 Garlic Clove
1 Shallot
Mushrooms(whatever your fav kind is)
White Wine(i use pinot grigio because thats what my gf likes to drink)
1/2 stick of butter
Tabasco Sauce
Fresh Parsley

Peel the shrimp tail on or off and devein them.
In a small frying pan add a drizzle of olive oil and add the chopped garlic and shallots. Then add 1/4stick of butter. Add the mushrooms and then Add the shrimp to the pan and season with salt and pepper. Once the shrimp are almost done cooking about 3minutes add White wine and the rest of the butter. Add a few tablespoons of Tabasco sauce depending on how much you like spicy foods. Add some fresh chopped parsley on top and then mix with pasta and serve.

(You can also add clams to this as well, i steam the clams in some white wine, and clam juice for a few minutes then add them to the sauce as well)
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