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Running wires through rubber boots and installing pins:

Pins 23 - 25 installed:

Grounding Pin 25 here under carpet:

Getting ready to plug harness back together:

Plug in Both 12 pin Plugs to Drivers Side Module:

Step 6:

Remove Glovebox (Only held in by 6 philips head screws)

Step 7:

After doing the drivers side, the passengers side will be much easier, once again remove the 8mm bolts and the trim panel that covers the harness in the cabin.

Once you have both ends of the harness exposed, the wiring goes as follows:

From Door Harness <---> White Plug (Memory Module Pass Side)

Pin 23 <---> Pin 1 (12V from Fuse 57 (5 amp fuse)
Pin 24 <---> Pin 2 (K-bus signal)
Pin 25 <---> Pin 7 ONLY Ground

From the body harness on the interior:

Pin 23 <---> Run to Fuse Position 57 and splice with wire ran from drivers side
Pin 24 <---> Run to K-bus terminal behind glovebox
Pin 25 <---> Ground

Running wires of Passenger Side Door:

12 pin Plug Completed on Passenger Side:

Step 8:

Working at the fuse panel:

Connect wires you ran from the passenger and drivers side, splice together and connect to Fuse 57 using this connector:

Notice F57 is Vacant:

Now it's not:

Now Connect the K-bus wire for the Passenger side on top of the fuse panel were the K-bus terminal is located (All the Red/White/Yellow dotted thin 18 guage wires).

Step 9:

Clean up and assemble everything back together, everything is the reverse of removal.

I know it seems a bit confusing but it's really simple, and now you will have Reverse Tilt Functions as well as Autofolding mirrors. Anyways enjoy!

And Heres a small video I made of the autofolding in action:

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