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Originally Posted by g0tph0 View Post
haha this is still a bit confusing to me cuz i haven't done anything like this before. These are the original OEM mirrors from Europe? And did you also install the remote auto fold to your key or is that seprate? All in all how much did it cost you to get the original parts from the dealer and, how long did it take for you to recieve them.
These are ebay mirrors Replica M3 ones, but if I where to just swap them out for OEM ones they would work the same for the mirror pinout would be the same granted they were 12-pin.

As for cost couldn't tell you for I didn't really keep track, but and estimate is about***********:

$250 for the mirrors
$140 for the mirror memory modules
$20 for the 12 pin plug connectors and pins
All the ther stuff I had from previous DIYS like fuse panel connectors, fuses, wiring etc..

Originally Posted by Dookiegraphics View Post
what if you have manual seats? will the reverse tilt still work?
It should but I am not 100% sure, I know supposedly memory seats and reverse tilt are suppose to work on the same signal. But I think people have mentioned they have reverse tilt with manual seats.

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