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Originally Posted by Da Jemster View Post
My last citation was 14 mos. ago, in which I attended traffic school. The jurisdiction of my ticket is Simi Valley (I'm not sure if it is different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction). I'd like to schedule a court date, not to confront the officer, but to ask the Judge for a 12-hour traffic school.

1. Can I request this in Simi Valley/Ventura County?
That's up to the court/county. Only way to find out it to call 'em up, really.

2. If you were the Judge, would you deny this request 'cuz of the speed?
Yes, and here's why.

You have a speeding ticket on your record (at least one). You obviously didn't learn your lesson from it and slow down. Not only did you not slow down, but you were driving at least 100mph. If the officer testifies that you were actually going 125+, I might be inclined to ask the officer if he wants to ammend his citation to 22348(b) speeding in excess of 100mph. That's going to triple the fine and gain you a 30 day suspension of your driving privledge.

I know that it doesn't seem fair, but I'd be a hammer of a judge
Worry not, my friends, I'll never go through law school, so you have nothing to worry about...
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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