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Originally Posted by Jharden4 View Post
Hey Dirsh i just got my magic box in the mail a few days ago i didnt get my W7 yet but its on the way. so you say the sub wont fit? how much did you pay to get that ring made? can you PM me Thanks
sorry about getting back to you so late. The sub is supposed to fit perfectly in the enclosure but it didn't. The installer made the ring for me for free. I just gave him a $20 tip because he also gave me some free wiring because my old wires were too short. I'm not too sure if my box was just a defect that was made too small. All in all im happy with the setup because it sounds great. Usually with subs I get tired of it after a while and want something better or louder. This is the first time ever that the sub sounds better and better every day.

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