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Originally Posted by Speeder View Post
You're welcome... and as far as the date of your first ticket, and since you never actually took advantage of traffic school the first time, it has no affect on your eligibility for traffic school for your second citation. What I'm trying to say is you should still be able to take traffic school for this citation. Do one of the online courses (you can actuall finish it in less than 8 hours ).
Well I finally got the citation in the mail and almost fell over when I opened it and read $901.50 fine!!!!!!

Then I read on and it looks like as long as I have proof of insurance when I show up in court the fee gets knocked down to $202.75. I have esurance and I had forgotten to print out a knew card, so when the officer pulled me over all I had was an expired card to show him.

Speeder do you or anyone else know if I show up in court might the judge knock that $202.75 down further?
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