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Hey frobie, I've been following this thread for a while and appreciate what you're doing here.

Anyway, I recently got a ticket for going 82 in a 70 on I5 at 12am near sac international airport. There was nobody around and I was merging on the freeway at the time. I'm assuming he didn't use radar, since he left that box blank on the ticket, so he must have paced me. The only problem is that by the time his headlights were behind me, I had already slowed down to 65-70.

My question is, do I stand a chance if I contest this ticket, considering that I was merging at the time?
Also, I don't know if this is important, but in the max spd. box the cop wrote 65, and I know for a fact that the limit on this section of I5 is 70. Can I make a point out of this?

Thanks for the help, I tried searching for similar posts, but I am still confused on the matter.
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