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Originally Posted by curious_george View Post
Those types of upgrade kits are garbage. They are not upgrades at all. Do you want your headlights to put light on the road for you to see or shine it all over the place into the eyes of other drivers?

Putting bulbs like those into reflectors/housings not designed for them is a HORRIBLE idea.
Sorry if this is stealing the thread but is it advise not to upgrade to HID if you have Halogen lights as OEM.

By 330i already has HID so I just upgraded to the 6000K D2S Bulbs but I was in the process of upgrading my wife's 4Runner from Halogen to HID - I was told that I could just replace the Halogen bulbs with the new HID bulbs and still use the reflector that's originally in the housing.

Thank and sorry if I stoled the thread.

* 2007 BMW 335i - 6sp/manual
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