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Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
thats a really dumb statement.

i have some HID's from ebay.. payed 105 shipped.. work great and had them for a couple months now..

i have them in halogen headlights pointed down and my buddy drove my car from more than a mile away and the whole time it approached it never got as bad as any of the halogens that were behind him. they were actually less intense to my eyes and put more light on the road.

maybe you should actually check it out in real life before assuming like most on this forum.

It is not a dumb statement at all. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Do yourself a favor and read the link I posted above. It is probably the best summary of the situation I have found. Maybe then you will understand.

Your awesome $105 ebay kit "works well" when pointed down? Sounds pretty optimal to me. I am not sure what you are looking for in headlamps, but for me I value lighting performance. I GUARANTEE YOU that your "kit" in your halogen reflector does not "work well". The fact that it does not blind other drivers because the lights are aimed down does not equate to lighting performance.
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