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Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
oh course projectors would be better. im planning on getting some. right now im fine with mine. i think acura headlights are twice as harsh as mine when coming towards me.

and im sorry i dont bring a tape measurer out to measure the light output of my HID's as oppose to projectors..

youre being a little obsurd. you act like i took the lights off a lighthouse and put them in my headlights.

and im not typing in english? please let me know what language im speaking because i guess i have been lost for the last 18 years.

im well aware that hid's in halogens arent the best setup but i can give 2 sh!ts about that.
The point is that the upgrade is not an upgrade at all - and the light output is diminished and your headlights are in worse shape than they started as far as lighting up the road. You are obviously a very wise 18 year old, though, and have a lot to teach the world for sure.

Incidentally, is obsurd similar to absurd? You type like you have a learning disability. The lack of punctuation, capitalization, misspelling, and all around grammar - it makes it harder to read.
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