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Originally Posted by ///OSS View Post
cool but I have 2 suggestions..1. Don't paint it pearl white..its gonna look like someone jizzed all over your car..GHEY as hell...LOL

2. 20's are not that easy to pull off on a stock body kit height... think that lake show has a GTR rear, GTR sides and a Rieger CSL bumper... all addons that enhance the size of the wells and lower the body all around making it a lot easier to accomodate the 20's withought it looking like its on stilts or 4x4ing as you may know of...

if you wanna do it with the curent kit you need to tuck tire hardcore, practically to the rim... so order them accordingly so you can slam the ride retardedly low, and get some coils that allow you to do that as well, then you might be able to get away with it


nice wheels!

noooo guys im not gonna paint it pearl white the car was silver and it was the only side view i could find and i tried to make the car white white but it came out pearlish. you guys get the idea i just wanted to see what those rims would look like on white the kit im going to wind up getting is the reiger csl type bumper. same that lakeshow has or the m3 with some sort of nice lip.i do know that im going to have to make my car look lower with a kit to make the car look even and not a truck with them 20's we'll see
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