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Originally Posted by 4ngie View Post
Most of us have better things to worry about.
So you're one of the spoilt kids that never has to pay for anything, I gather ? :p

Anyway : I'm 23, moderate income and pay for all of it myself through hard work (Media Analyst in a business-to-press relations agency) and saving :

- the BMW
- the Honda (off the road ATM)
- the soon-to-be-sold Alfa Romeo
- the Ducati
- mods, insurance, road taxes ($2700 this year ), maintenance, gas (over $300/mo on gas alone)... on all
- University (yeah, I'm a student Communications Sciences as well... want to get a raise from my boss when I get my degree as he'll pretty much have to on legal grounds and I'm bound to the firm by contract anyway )
- my hifi and music addiction
- the rent (got a great deal on my appartment, only $350/mo)
- charity (WWF, Gaia, Amnesty International) and my personal pension funds / life insurance plan ($75/mo)

I'll be ballin' when I hit 65 since I'll be entitled to a social security pension as well !

The ONLY thing I get for free sometimes is food, or a haircut. It drives my mother insane when she comes around and sees that I neglect those things (mainly because of my lack of time, I work HARD).

'01 325Ci - Cosmos Black - staggered 18's - H&R race - Skytune Kpeng - c/k GruppeM - 50 shot - EBC discs & red stuff pads - smoke LED tails - smoke front/side - blackout kidneys
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