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Originally Posted by 4ngie View Post
Yes, I am.

I'm 31, n00b. I've bought everything I own and always have.

Hey, then I just gave you a giant compliment on your looks and car !

Originally Posted by 4ngie View Post
I've said this before: I don't see anything wrong with parents buying their children nice things (including cars) as long as the child has earned it by being responsible and they respect/ appreciate what was given to them.

I don't agree with parents buying their children cars just because their child thinks it's their right to own one.

I also don't see it necessary to brag about what you own online.
Parents donating a car, fine ! But a $40k car for a 16-year-old child ? Where's the logic in that ? As a 'self-made man' (by lack of a different term to describe my career) coming from a cop as a father and a social worker for a mother, I firmly believe in an education through humility. How is a kid ever to grow into a respectful adult towards those who have a tougher life with less means, if it never experienced what value some things truly have ?
Sense of reality, that's what a $2k beater as a first car is all about. The dangers of a good kid with a $40k birthday present car turning into an ignorant bastid later on are just too real. I've seen it happen too often.
The opposite can happen too, a friend of mine comes from a rich family but he's an alternative kinda guy, never got anything and he doesn't like spending money (as it 'feeds the global consumerism scheme'). He makes more than I do, but walks around in what can best be described as rags and on $10 discount shoes. He can walk into a dealership and buy a brand new car, cash money. Instead he has a bus pass. You know what he said to me when I first arrived in the Bimmer ?

"You won the lottery or something ? Started dealing drugs now have we ? Don't you think it's a bit overkill ? You motherloving pimp ass B !"

I nearly stabbed him at that point.

PS : the internet is anonymous enough to make bragging a pretty pointless affair. It can however illustrate a point to explain a good part the situation.

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