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My Ride: '00 323i & 02 330xi
2000 323i Sedan - Purchased 4/2004 w/41,000 miles for $20,000 (Great deal I know )
- Currently 94,000 miles
- That is just over 17,500 miles a year average

- I use 27w Xenons with 21w sockets need I say more.
-Mainly Turn Signal and rear bulb problems. (All 1156)
-Replaced Fog /Headlight/Highbeam Lights a few times as well (All Blue Xenons).
- I had the dreaded Continental Conti-Touring Tires I had about 7 flats in 18 months.
- I bought Hankook Radial K106, havenít had a flat since and they perform well.

-Tickets, Fender Bender Related, Oil change, Inspection I & II, Breaks, Wiper Blades


04/15/04 Difeo BMW - CD Magazine (Multi)
05/07/04 Home Depot - License Plate Screws
05/29/04 Sanji - Camshaft Sensor Replacement
09/29/04 Park Ave BMW - Tailpipe Trim (chrome)
02/17/05 Sanji - Window & Windshield Wiper Repair
05/19/05 Used Coil Cylinder 4
05/23/05 Difeo BMW - Wheel Bolt
06/02/05 Washer Pump
06/10/05 Sanji - Ignition Coil Replacements (5 of 6)
08/22/05 Rear Break Sensor Replacement
12/16/05 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - Thermostat Replacement
12/29/05 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - Coolant System Leaks
01/09/06 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - Driver Seat Stuck (Blown Fuse)
01/30/06 Transmission Mount Replacement
03/10/06 Car Trixx - Corner Lens Clear
03/28/06 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - Gear Shift Indicator Cover (Did not Illuminate)
04/03/06 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - R/Front Seat Belt Tensioner Replacement
05/03/06 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - Replace Front Rt Wheel Sensor
06/09/06 Belly pan was dettached in flood water).
06/15/06 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - Belt+Tensioner+ Pully Replacements, Reattach Belly Pan, Check Compressor
07/07/06 Rensport Motor Works (SAL) - A/C Compressor w/Receiver Drier & Pas. Seat Harness Rplc. ***It works but it makes noise***
08/19/06 Park Ave BMW - Filler Cap
08/23/06 Discount Tire Direct - 4 New Hankook Radial K106 Tires
08/25/06 Rosales Tire Service - 4 New Valves; Mount/Balance 4 Tires
10/24/06 DiFeo BMW - Battery
11/20/06 AutoZone: Bulbs for License Plate Holder ***Just Realized they are the wrong bulbs the lights get extremely hot***
12/07/06 Roulis Auto Repair - 1 Valve Gasket, 15 Valve Cover Seals, 3 Radiator Hoses, 2 Cam Position Sensors, 2 Belts, 1 Injector Cleaner, 2 AntiFreeze
04/03/07 Roulis Auto Repair - 2 Front Control Arm Bushings

FYI Nothing was in warranty. All repairs paid @ respectable prices. I have the exact amounts paid if you need info on specific costs.

Friends tell me I got a lemon because my car seems to always be in the shop, but I never replaced the same part, besides lights and I change those on my own for dirt cheap.

At the sametime when I think about how many miles I put on the car, and the amount of miles the car had when I purchased it, its really not bad at all.
The money I saved on buying a none Certified PreOwned BMW w/warranty was used to fix things that are considered normal wear and tear repairs that might not have even been still covered by a Certified PreOwned warranty. On top of that the car still Retails @ a dealership for $16,500 w/private party value of an easy $10,000.

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