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Originally Posted by bassik40 View Post
Anyone know exactly where the label on the trans pan is, i put the car on ramps and took a quick look but saw nothing. I was looking from under the front end and i moved to the sides and didnt see anything. Is it a color label? or a small worded sticker? and where? My build date is 11/00 and im pretty sure its a ZF so the esso is choice, but seeing this sticker will make ordering parts, ie the filter and gasket, easier on my worries. Any help thanks.
The label should be on the bottom of the transmission pan. It is a decently large colored sticker. More than likely yours is like mine and fell off a while ago. If it did, the only ways to tell are to look at the difference between the schematics or just go off the build date.

My pan looks like this (GM Trans):
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The sticker should have been on the pan.

Go to here to see pictures of what the sticker looks like:

Here are schematics of the two different transmissions:

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