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Originally Posted by bassik40 View Post
... My build date is 11/00 and im pretty sure its a ZF so the esso is choice, but seeing this sticker will make ordering parts, ie the filter and gasket, easier on my worries. Any help thanks.
I'm pretty sure all E46 325i (but not the xi) steps have the ZF 5HP19 (ZF A5S 325 Z), same as mine. Also, if the bottom of your tranny pan has quarter-sized circular and oval bumps, then it's a ZF. If the pan is flat, it's GM.

And don't limit yourself to the Esso LT 71141. There are a lot of substitutes out there that are cheaper and may even be better quality. But that's a separate topic that's been debated on and off in this forum. I personally used MOTUL ATF-1A (100% synthetic) when I changed my ATF over the weekend, since it's readily available in my part of the world. Most of the ones I've seen in the US use Redline D4 ATF. Both of them are high-quality lub manufacturers. For any ATF you choose, just make sure the manufacturer 'certifies' their product as LT71141-compatible.

For your convenience:
ZF 5HP19 BMW part numbers:
- AT Pan Gasket (24-10-1-423-380)
- AT Fluid filter (24-34-1-423-376)
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