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Re: err...NO..break in applies to ALL things

Originally posted by BimmerSamster
Break in period applies to all things that have to do with friction, mechanical moving parts. This applies to engine, transmission AND brakes.

Andy is right in breaking softly during breakin procedures to make the rotors and pads wear correctly...I believe one of the UUC guys posted about this awhile ago, AND i believe you guys should check out the manual too...in the chapter that reads "BREAK IN PROCEDURES"

but Andy is beyond the 300 miles for break in of brakes so he should be good at this point. (although when next the rotors and pads are replaced, I'd follow the 300 miles breakin procedures of brakes again...)I would still take it to dealer if I were you.
well, i assume that people consult the manual.

since you are driving in the real world though it stands to reason that it is unrealistic to drive around overly concerned about applying the brakes firmly. many will say that properly seating the brake pads (which requires some heavy braking) will do a better job of taking care of the brakes and rotors and make them last longer.

and i reiterate, i would take it to the dealer with something like this

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