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Originally Posted by Tyler@UniqueDesign View Post
That doesn't look like an ebay kit to me, the ebay kits are typically white wires from the rings with a PU tube around one of the wires.

Further, you can't tell if it has a harness or not because the red/brown inverter wires are shown for about an inch, not near enough to tell what they are connected to.

FURTHER...the top of the ring makes it either a raptor or PC, and the diameter of the ring once again eliminates almost all ebay kits.

I can't see the back of the ring to tell if its a raptor or PC, blue wires on the CCFL's makes me think its probably a raptor kit. Not 100% sure on that though as I don't know if any other kits have ever sold with that ring style and blue leads.
Actually Tyler have you taken a look at the Ebay kits? They have attempted to replicate the truss bar from the top of the Chromiums and Raptors. A poor replication but a replication nonetheless.
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