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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
what are you guys talking about?? i thought he was talking about hid look bulbs? if so he can put them in regular headlamps. you really should only put real HIDs in a projector headlamp designed for them if that's his real question.

back to the angel eyes, so your FK ones have the factory single bulb per ring or four bulbs per ring? keep those, OEM look is by far the best. the CCFLs are cheap and over rated, "Angel Eyes" were never suppose to match or put out a bunch of light. they were and still are made to only light up the rings not the whole housing.
I believe he means proper HIDs, not the halogen "lookalike" bulbs, which is why I said he would need projectors.
My "tacky" () angel eyes have four bulbs per ring, and are quite yellow. I've been debating whether to replace the bulbs with xenon look ones, such as the ones in the interior light kit, or replace them altogether with the CCFLs.

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