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My Ride: 2001 BMW 330Ci 5sp
2001 330Ci 5sp - 96,000 miles

Only bought it at 91k, but previous two owners took really good care of it, and bought from an actual BMW dealer who did everything that would have been needed for BMW used car certification (although it's over-miles).

Problem areas:
- Oil level sensor needs replacement, but since the light goes off 10 sec or so after startup - who cares? I'll just check my oil regularly.

- Previous owner put cheap brake pads in the back that don't quite fit perfectly, causing the rear caliper assemblies to be slightly loose. This causes them to rattle quite loudly when hitting bumps either coasting or during acceleration. Car perfectly quiet under braking, and pads aren't really old enough for replacement yet.

- When we diagnosed the brake issue, the tech found that a front control-arm bushing had a teeny-tiny bit of play, and would probably need to be replaced in October when it's time for PA safety inspection.

- Rear tires down to wear bars, but they were close to that when I bought it and I haven't helped the situation, if you know what I mean - and I think you do being that you're on this site.

That be it.
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