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My Ride: 01 330CI Orient
2001 330CI Auto - 92,000 miles
-Passenger door lock, rairly, doesn't open.
-MAF (Warranty)
-Fan clutch starting to give way
-Belts and belt tensioners (tensioners usually are like cheese with this many miles and belt just had signs of light aging so i replaced anyways)
-I think a wheel speed sensor is going out but i just dont know which one (if anyone knows how to check, PM ME PLEASE heh)
-I think the resistor for the temp control is going out
-Rock chip collection
-Fuel Filter
-Control Arm Bushings
-Swaybar (only the links are bad but i got a eibach coming)
-Shock mounts are on the way too.

It may sound like alot but its mostly preventive maintenance, and I am sworn to my BMW through health and through sickness till death...
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