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Re: Stereo Systems

Originally posted by noBenz
Ok guys and gals.
I pick up my 325 Ci this summer in Germany. My pops is in the military and we get a factory direct deal for like 5 grand off retail price. I'm probably gonna buy my Hamann Body kit in germany cuz wheel power the sole distributor in the U.S. is askin $3500- $4000 for just the front and reaer bumpers with side skirts. My question is about the sound system set up. Does BMW mae it hard to do your own sound system setup in the car? I have a 95 Benz C220 right now... and it was just horrible to go through the interior german engineering. Can I easily put in a personal head display unit? If not, canI run RCA cables and the works from the standard cd player already in the car from the factory?
Okay, you've asked a lot of questions and I hope to answer some of them.

First off, do you have the Harmon/Kardon stereo? That in itself makes a difference in the wiring.

If you want to install all new speakers in the doors, rear deck, a new head unit, amps, etc...then yes, it is going to be a bit of work. You'll have to run a lot of wiring and BMW doesn't make it easy. If you are doing it yourself and are not that experienced in taking off door panels, seats, body trim, etc...then this is NOT the car to learn how to.

You can install a CD player, but most people don't. The way that the factory radio is designed screws up the dash kit. The aftermarket CD player will not sit in the will be sitting to the left a bit (unless you do a full custom job like a lot of people on here). It's much easier and looks nicer leaving the factory cd player in the dash and building off of that. You cannot just run RCA's from the back of the CD player---you have to get a line-level converter..this converts your speaker outputs into RCA.

If you aren't a big audiophile, and just want more bass, its much easier just installing an amp and a sub to work with the factory stereo. I've been selling/installing stereo's for years and the factory H/K does not sound all that bad, especially when you add a subwoofer to it. The car is really a royal pain in the a$$ to work on, especially if you do it yourself. Now if you are paying someone, then yea...the sky is the limit.

If you have more specific questions, feel free to PM me.
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