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Originally posted by TimeFor
I have a question. Can I just go down to best buy or whatever and buy any old disk changer? Or do I have to use the BMW one? Because I want something that's at least 10 cds.

You can buy an RF modulated changer from best will work using your FM radio. The downside to that is that the sound quality sounds like your radio (a bit better, but not CD quality)...and to me, that's not worth it. i'd rather have 6 great sounding discs in my changer than 10 discs that sound like crap (I HATE radio quality)

Other options:
A) for about the same price, you can find OEM changers on Ebay that will work with your factory tape or cd player.
B) buy the cd changer adaptor and an Alpine CD changer...this is probably the ideal way for you as it will use your factory radio, retain the cd quality, and alpine makes a 12 disc shuttle. This is going to be the most expensive route (or about equal with the OEM)...i'd go to Circuit City (since they sell alpine) or a stereo shop locally (this is preferable). Or you could always go to and they will take care of you!
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