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If it is really that hard to tell then I say leatherette is better. What does it matter if you need an extra fold in the seat to tell when it is? I never thought it was that hard to tell that my seats were leatherette but I guess that is because I have never seen what the real leather ones are like.

Funny thing is that when the I bought my car in 1999 I didn't know what leatherette was. If the salesman had told me it was vinyl I probably would have ordered leather but I'm now I'm glad I got leatherette. You're right that it holds up to abuse much better than real leather. After 8 years my seats still look new. I had a similar situation with the color. The salesman tried to get me to pay an extra $1000 I think for metallic black instead of jet black. I pointed to a car on the lot and asked him what color that was. When he said that he couldn't tell from 10 feet away and he needed to go up to the car and take a closer look, I told him to just give me jet black.
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