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Originally Posted by frobie15 View Post

But seriously, did you use a drill press? Or at least a vice?
How? Because I was completely naked when I drilled the spark plug non fouler. Something about dremels and handy tools brings the wild manny side out of me

anyhow, all I used was a small drill bit and a sanding tip. The small drill bit is to drill the hole big enough for the sanding bit to fit over. This is not the best method. However, it was my only method since I didn't have any access to the huge azz drill bits and power tools.

Here are some updated pictures:

1) Before and after. What your modified non fouler should look like after you drill them

shameless plug for BMW F1 Motorsport

2) Noticed how the spark plugs sit snuggly into the spark plug defouler. Again, you drill the defouler so that the oxygen sensor plug's tip can fit inside. If not, there is no way for you to screw on the 02 sensor since the hole is just too small.

shameless plug for UUC motorwerks

3) different angles of the oxygen sensor tips installed in a modified non fouler.

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