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Copper connections are ready.

made a model first, took a mold, and fold it the same way.
Sawed it all, rubbed it, and polished.

On this picture you can see he putt a whole in the bottomside to connect the cables.

The cupper wil go to the middle, so I made a alu plated where the bars fitt right on in.

He let the alu triangles bade in a little CF.

some more CF.
This is the bottom plate where the box is put on.
sprayed it in black offcourse, don't want the colour of the wood come throu

covered in in CF and putt couple of layers expoy to get some nice thickness.

When everything is nicely rubbed, he'll put one layer of varnisch over it.
Then, you'll have to make sure, you see about 8cm of this piece on the outside.

the rest you don't see , at the bottom

Here you can see, he used a LED-holder, to fasten the bars.
These will come throu the alu piece in the middle.

Varnished it for the first time, rubbed some more, varnished, rubbed, varnished, rubbed, ...........

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