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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Hi man, nice job, i am doing the same now, just one question how did you get the battery cable into the car?

Many thanks,

The battery on my car is in the trunk so it's right underneath my carputer.

nice job

just a quick question i have finished my setup however im finding it hard to get a right hand drive version of the climate relocation unit (My local dealer is about as much use as a choclate tea pot!), my bmw e46 has the wide individual buttons like the pic on the right exept it wont slot in cos its a different shape (UK Model)

Anyone know the correct part no to order?

Appreciate any help you can give (the part nos are listed underneath the pics)
I got mine from ebay Germany (although was a bit worried getting a LHD version). If you can't find on ebay then I guess dealer is the only choice. If you give them the correct part number I'm sure they can get it for you.
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