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Originally Posted by VF-x View Post
Hi Tom,

Are you (and your company) the manufacturers of DICE? I had one installed yesterday. It worked fine until today. My head unit no longer recognizes the existence of the DICE module. I've tried resetting my iPod (4G with 3.1.1 firmware), but no joy.

What else can I try to correct the problem? Is this a product defect?

If the battery cables were not removed during installation, sometimes this happens on BMW models. Here's what I recommend:

1. Disconnect iPod from cable
2. Remove battery cables, negative first
3. Touch battery cable terminals together (away from battery) for +5 seconds, a small spark is normal as this is stored power draining from the system.
4. Allow cables to remain disconnected for about 5-7 minutes
5. Reconnect battery cables onto battery, negative last.
6. Reboot iPod by pressing on MENU and CENTER buttons for +5 seconds and then reconnecting to the DICE cable after the reboot process is completed.

Let me know if these steps correct the problem.
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