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Originally Posted by sstainba View Post
I'll assume you didn't go to school for engineering. Luckily, I did. An inverter only convers DC into pulsating DC (an approximation of AC) at aproximately the same voltage and the same frequency. A ballast (as in these) produces pulsating DC at a VERY high frequency (about 20KHz) and at high voltage (depends on the tube length).

FYI: Xenon is a gas, not a technology. CCFL is a technology, not a gas. Xenon can be used in CCFL. So can mercury, sodium, argon, neon and more. The gas used in the bulb determines the color of the light produced. Neon is red, mecury is blue-ish, xenon is white and argon is green. The main difference in these things are the bulbs. Some require higher voltage than others and some require starters. That's about it.

There is almost NO difference in the technology that powers either a xenon bulb or a ccfl tube.

Perhaps you should have googled it first. :-D

You need to go back to School "mr Engineer." If not, you are scarrying me.

CCFL DDE uses inverter and not a ballast. That 700+ volt you are talking about is only for ballast. Have you ever touch the DDE's CCFL inverter when installing? For those people that have, they will tell you thatIt is nothing more than a slight voltage shock.

If the CCFL was using a ballast like you claimed, then touching it will kill you. therefore, this is why ballast has warning sign and your DDE CCFL inverter doesn't.

1) go back to school
Originally Posted by sstainba View Post
I'll assume you didn't go to school for engineering. Luckily, I did.
2) CCFL DDE uses inverter NOT ballast
3) ballast is normally for more critical applications such as powering HID

1) knowledge > you.


"A CCFL inverter is a device (an inverter) for providing drive power to a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL). CCFL are often used as inexpensive light units in electrical devices."

"Model DN INVERTER for CCFL is mainly used as the driving power for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) in a poor light unit. Electric parameters should be strictly matched with during the driving process with lamps in order that the life of the tube can be ensured. Its chief characteristics are as following"

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