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as of now, nope its my first time dealing with manufacturing and designing of a product and theres just been so many obstacles in the way. problems here and there. it has been a long time. this should of have been done with production in rougly 4 months. but engineering the plastic coverings took a while along with figuring out a way to make it fit with an existing oem piece. lastly, its the quality of the leds thats actually taking the longest. we've gone through 4 manufacturs of surfance mount leds. either they were inconsistant with the color and intensity, or they were too much of a blue tint, or too white. were looking for the most OEM color to match that of the e90s.

I really hope this product will be out soon. i know as of now, we have a more week till we recieve our last 8 samples of different LEDS. after next week, well decide on it and production will begin. hang in there for those who are interested. let me know if you guys have any questions ! thx for the wait ..
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