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Thanks much for the step-by-step details and the pictures. They helped alot! I was able to do this in a couple hours after getting the right tools. Some mistakes I made which others might learn from:

1. Initially I bought a set of open-ended wrenches off Ebay. The 32mm size didn't fit well (just a tad to big) and started to strip the Vanos bolt. I then bought an adjustable wrench from Lowes (10" handle) for a mere $12 and it worked great. 32mm is just a hair over 1.25", so any adjustable wrench over 1.25" will do. Don't get one too big or it might have trouble fitting into that tight area.

2. Remove the oil pressure line. It's very easy to take off with most any good wrench. It's the one under the Vanos that gets in the way of the wrench. It leaks a tiny bit of oil so put a towel underneath. Also be watchful of the metal washer (don't let it fall!).

3. The 5mm bolt holding the camshaft sensor is on quite tight and takes alot of turns to remove. While removing it, the allen wrench slipped and fell into the deep crevices. I could see it, but as I tried to fish it out, it fell in further and disappeared I was worried, but the engine is running fine so I'm hoping it'll eventually fall out somewhere without doing any damage. Moral of the story: Keep a tight grip on that allen wrench!

I didn't add any loctite to the bolt. It went in as snugly as it came out (i.e. didn't move very freely).

Remove the entire airbox, not just the cover over the air filter. It's super easy and makes the work so much faster.

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