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One more thing. I am surprised that you guys aren't getting much better whp and wtq under 4000rpm with the 110 octane. You should be advancing the timing due to the higher octane as you know to yield better low-end power and also quicker spool. It looks like it is nearly the same tune up until 4,000 rpm. The only reason for it to be that way is if the customer was able to adjust boost with an EBC and only ran 5psi with 92 and then when he put 110 in he would just turn up the boost to 12psi because the map would change after 5psi to take advantage of the better octane. However this is the lazy route as you know because they don't take advantage of the ability to advance timing below the 5psi level. Since you are using two completely different maps you can take advantage of this, no?

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