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Originally Posted by turboaddiction View Post

Just a couple items to discuss. I love the kit, just saying that it could be even better I think.

Clearly it shows that the power only changes when boost changes here.
I would hope that it is not the same map up until this point but not sure what else to think. It looks as though ~3800 is full boost at 5psi which seems high, especially for an NA 3.2L 11.5:1CR S54 with pt67 t4 turbo. My buddy gets ful boost of 18psi at 3400rpm on a 8.5:1CR S52 engine with a pt67 turbo and making about 530whp with that on pump. His hot side is 0.68...are you guys using a 0.82 or 0.96? Now, it shows the race map seems the same until after the 5psi as I stated and then full boost of only 12psi is at ~4800 which seems up there for this high of a compression ratio. The 11.5:1CR should really help the spool. I would think the race fuel map would allow for that extra timing advance you need in the lower rpm range under 5psi so you guys could really get even more area under the curve and much quicker spool.

I'm just saying cause if I purchased an e46 M3 to get this kit then I would be a little bummed that I had to wait until 4,000 to start feeling that extra good stuff from the race map when I know damn well I could be feeling it starting at say 2200-3000. Even if the turbo isn't spooling that much yet the extra timing on an NA engine without turbo when using better octane will yield better gains throughout the rpm band, not just up top. I definitely had a big difference on the low end with my secondary race map on both my M3 and my Supra so I know it can be taken advantage of with tuning when using the higher octane.

Just adding some healthy information. Hell, if it gets you guys to try it and you guys come up with a better race fuel map below 4000 rpm, then it's worth a little constructive criticism.
I don't know for sure but.... I think the reason for spooling the turbo late in the rpm's is for driveability. If the turbos spooled earlier you would just spin the tires because of the M3's gearing. HPF has stated that one of their goals was to make sure the car was very stock like during everyday driving , which for most people would be just under 4K. I agree that a high comp. motor should be able to make full boost earlier. The AEM EMS allows the programmer to decide when the turbo makes full boost. Its not just based off of the ability to spool the turbo. Just because you can doesn't mean they want it to.

Just a guess.....
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