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does anyone read my p0sts?
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mmm...mac daddy's

You've gotta remember that the Mac Daddy was always a sound quality sub. Sure, it would hit hard with enough power, but the excursion waas never long enough to really hit those high SPL levels. In fact, that was the case with all of Diamond's old subs. The new subs have been we worked with longer excursions and more powerful drivers to boost SPL levels while still maintaining their famous SQL. The TDX, in my opinion, is THE sub to have right now. They're quite expensive since you can only buy retail (at least that's what Diamond has tried to work out), but I don't think that you'd be disapointed. The 7 series amp is definately a good TDX choice. I personally want to make sweet, sweet love to the 7 series amp. That aside, getting older mac daddy's can probably be done. Call diamond dealers around your area, you might be able to find some. Also try e-bay; however, be weary of e-bay purchaess, because they were very popular subs and may have been abused. Diamond =
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