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Thanks for all the props guys.

Here's a video of our customer's first impressions of the HPF750 turbo kit installed in his E46 M3. It is 9 minutes long, but really gives you an idea of what we see in our customers eyes when they get to drive their turbo'd M3 for the first time.

Originally Posted by MSpired View Post
Nice to see more and more kits beign installed, we should have plenty of reviews and comparo's soon. Keep up the good work, all the haters will be proven wrong very soon
Thanks. We're really not out to prove anyone wrong. We're out to produce a reliable product that raises the bar to a new level. I had to accept the fact that people will hate on whatever we produce, and it's no longer my goal to spend time convincing them otherwise. The product speaks for itself IMO.

Originally Posted by turboaddiction
Oh yeah and Fabio, your car is sick man! Can't wait to see some videos of it in action!
Yes, we look forward to making Fabio's M3 the fastest E46 M3 in Canada.

Originally Posted by brusso
I don't know for sure but.... I think the reason for spooling the turbo late in the rpm's is for driveability. If the turbos spooled earlier you would just spin the tires because of the M3's gearing. HPF has stated that one of their goals was to make sure the car was very stock like during everyday driving , which for most people would be just under 4K. I agree that a high comp. motor should be able to make full boost earlier. The AEM EMS allows the programmer to decide when the turbo makes full boost. Its not just based off of the ability to spool the turbo. Just because you can doesn't mean they want it to.

Just a guess.....
I am seeing some real confusion here that I'm going to try to clear up. The turbo does NOT spool late. If you look at the pump gas map (415rwhp), the turbo hits FULL boost (5psi) at 3,600rpm! We bring this turbo to full boost as fast as possible, and it does not make sense to have it hit full boost any sooner.

The other source of confusion is as a result of people comparing low compression turbo motors to high compression turbo motors. Low compression turbo motors allow for much greater power figures on low octane fuels. The benefit of low compression is as a result of the decreased thermodynamic temperature increase when the piston is compressing the air as opposed to the turbo compressing the air which is then dropped in temperature upwards of 80% through the intercooler. With the factory 11.5:1 compression and our kit At 5psi, the engine is primarily responsible for increasing the cylinder pressures which unfortunately has no intercooling effect. Our stage 3 will come with lower compression pistons and will generate significantly more power on pump gas due to the lower compression and the MUCH larger turbo!

The last question raised is why the graphs look the same with pump gas and race fuel between 3,000rpm and 4,000rpm even though timing is advanced 9 degrees on the race fuel map. This is because the 92 octane allows the same peak cylinder pressure to be achieved with the spark firing slightly later in the combustion cycle. It is not always beneficial to increase timing as there is a point where the burn will start too early which will slow the piston down rather than accelerate it.

Originally Posted by ///M3-QTR
Wow nice ! ..can't wait to see them all running ^_^ good job HPF .
Thanks. We will have more vids soon.

Originally Posted by 3rd_collective
Video said it the smg was able to handle the power in A mode. How does it fair in S mode?
The HPF Feramic SMG clutch will handle the power in any mode. We will have more testing on it shortly with the turbo kit installed.

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