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Just replaced my battery - it works great.

A couple notes:
1) My key did NOT split apart easily. Maybe the glue was old or something, but I had to work at it for like 10 minutes with a knife and a flathead to get it open. Now, the edges are really rough and the key has visible signs of being opened, but its OK because it actually works now.

2) I did purchase the horizontal version of the battery. As mentioned in prior posts, the leads did not match up to the holes on the circuit board. Unlike other posts, however, I was not able to easily bend them such that they would fit, so I had to use a piece of wire to get the lead the rest of the way to the solder pad. As a precaution, people who are unfamiliar with soldering should get help from a friend who has experience.

Other than that, the process worked great. My key can now consistently open the doors from over 20 yards away - a big improvement over the intermittent close-range behavior I had been dealing with. Thanks benmuellerb.
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