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Originally Posted by LAWLence View Post
I got pulled over over the weekend. Officer never gave me a reason as to why he pulled me over, even though I asked. Anyway, he popped my hood and ticketed me for intake/no front plate. No biggie there, but I didn't have my insurance card on me (my dad took it out earlier in the day with my owner's manual.. doh). Anyway, I got nailed for no insurance. I don't have the time to go to my court date (I'll be in school a few hundred miles away.)

I read the CVC and it says I can take care of it via mail. What's the procedure on this? What do I need to include in my written request?
Due to the fact that you need to present proof of insurance coverage (had to be valid at the time of the stop), I think you have to go to court. Why not just extend the date once or twice until you can make it?
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