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Jls are great

They have come a long way since they came out. I auditioned them against MB Quarts back in 93 when I put a system in my Supra and the Quarts won hands down. Since then the JLs have really improved. I have audiophile equipment in my home and am happy with the JL TR series in my car...with my JL amp and the system EQd of course. THe XRs are good stuff. Good Xovers.
I would have to say I am not sure ADS are BETTER..but equal. Dynaudios and Focals are most likely better in many cases, but speakers are very subjective.
For example, I auditioned Paradigm Studio Ref 100 towers vs B&W 603 s2 vs Studio Ref 80s. Liked the 80s better, but liked the soundstage on the 100s. Audiophile said the 100s were their #2 pic...but guess MY ears..the upper midrange was too harsh! So......Even the supposed BEST speakers only sound good to people they SOUND GOOD TO. (and for comparison I also auditioned a pair of B&W 20k Signature 800 speakers, playing through a pair of Krell monoblocks that run about 18k for the I have heard the best of the best :-) )
Have fun with your JLs :-)
PS - the company is great with Tech support. EVERY time I email them in 3 days I get a very informative answer.

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