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Originally Posted by frobie15 View Post
Thank you! And it was kind of the idea behind the thread in the first place.

I don't know if there's anything that you can do. When you say very, very bad crash that leads me to think that the car was almost totaled. Which should have showed up on a carfax report. I would suggest calling the place where you bought the car from and seeing what they say. Other than that, talk to a liar, oops, I mean lawyer.

On a side note (not a personal attack; just an observation), it seems as though no one knows how to inspect a car on their own anymore. No one knows how to check for damage, etc. It used to be that you could always find out stuff like this on your own. Using magnets and what not to check for body filler. Stuff like that...
Yeah, car should have been totaled but didn't mention any crash on carfax. But you should see how cleverly some repair shop fixed this car. Alignment was setup to cancel out the bent steering pieces, bondo was used in only thin amounts, etc... What's this on using magnets and to check for things? I honestly have no clue how to check a car for damage. Thanks for the response by the way.

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