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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
Yeah, car should have been totaled but didn't mention any crash on carfax. But you should see how cleverly some repair shop fixed this car. Alignment was setup to cancel out the bent steering pieces, bondo was used in only thin amounts, etc... What's this on using magnets and to check for things? I honestly have no clue how to check a car for damage. Thanks for the response by the way.
The magnet trick is this. Take a piece of notebook paper (so as to not scratch paint) and a fairly weak magnet. A kitchen magnet may work. Attempt to stick the magnet to the quarter panel of your car with the piece of paper between the magnet and the car. If there's no body filler, then the magnet will stick. Walk around the car and do the same thing every foot or so on pieces that you know are metal. If you find a spot that the magnet doesn't stick, then be skeptical. Check your body gaps. They should be pretty close to identical the entire way around the car. Stuff like that.
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