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Huge pain is right. I just did mine today, changed both control arm and bushing. With one of those rachet boxend wrench that's also have a swivel head (16mm of course), I was able to get to the rear bolt on the control arm bushing housing with out removing the subframe. Save me some time there.

The most annoying part is the inner ball joint nut on the passenger side! I use the open end wrench to twist it a little at a time. Took about 10 min or so to take just one nut out. And I even get sore neck trying to get to it. What a pain. Driver side I just took a long extension (abt 2 ft worth) and get to it from top of the engine compartment.

I still need front tires and alignment check. Also couldn't get to the RTABs today as it took much longer than I thought. Not sure if I have time to do it tomorrow... Might have to deferred that to next week.

Another plus is that I see how easy it is to do the sway bar now. Haha... giving me upgrade ideas.
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